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Job Sites Top Five Criteria
Looking for the best job sites online today? Improve your chances of not only getting a job, but getting the best job for you. Here is an introduction to 5 of the most sought after web sites for successful job hunting currently being used by aspiring applicants on the internet today.
While admittedly somewhat subjective in nature, the criteria used in determining the "best" job sites were consistent with the successful conclusion of a job hunt. In other words, these job sites statistically have the best success rate for their job applicants. Other factors that were considered included but were not limited to, the variety of jobs offered, the ease of use of the job sites and the support offered onsite.
Top 5 Job Sites Countdown
These are in reverse order:
5) Net-Temps.com
This site provides job openings at one click. Just enter a keyword, specify the location and it will give you over a hundred results. It provides help in posting resumes including tutorial on how to make one. It allows searchers to use a job search assistant that searches thousands of contracts and direct jobs to store up to three cover letters/resumes for you. It's helpful as it gives advices for interviews and tips in making impressive resumes.
4) CareerShop.com
This is actually a company that delivers products and services that help organizations in acquiring human resources by means of improving the power and effectiveness of the Internet. They offer a hiring management system, which is focused on recruitment, and staffing management.
3) TrueCareers.com
This caters to job hunters as well as employers looking for someone to fill positions in the company. It gives a list of jobs available, resume posting, employers currently in need of applicants, hot openings, and even advice to small business owners.
2) JobCentral.com
JobCentral provides information about their member companies and assistance to new graduates and old time job seekers. The site also provides a salary calculator for average salary, including information and premium salary data depending on the state or kind of company being applied to.
1) Hotjobs.com
Yahoo!!! HotJobs has all the tools you need in order to complete any job search. It has a complete set of tabs of workflow that provides assistance: Home and Job Search tabs provide the basic assistance in order to search different related job categories; location, and descriptions. The Job Search tab more specific My Searches tab gives you the complete list of your saved searches. This way you won't have to do the same run around in trying to look for the site or job you have seen days before, as you know, job search engines' data changes daily.